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We’ve been asked all sorts of things since the start of this enterprise, and some of those are things are related such as “what can I expect?”, “what will it look like after treatments?” and “do you have pics?”. The best way, and only way to answer that last one is “of course, take a look” and show you those pics for the others. As the saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words” or maybe in this case, “removes a thousand words”

Below are a few of those pictures at varying stages of treatment, follow the results as we follow Chris, Will, Sarah, Ste and Tony, and read their stories. We’ll try and keeps these as fresh and up to date as possible, and replace the older ones as we go.

Of course you can always check out the very latest pictures on our Instagram feed


Adam got the tattoos on this arm around the age of 18, and as you can see they had lost detail, and compared to some recently added ink just didn’t look too great. Having decided on a new sleeve, decided to have the old ink removed to make way for better. These are the results after only 2 sessions of laser treatment, fully healed and fading fast! Way to go Adam, we can’t wait to see the new sleeve! 🙂


This is Chris, came to us after having two neck tattoo’s in Thailand, both cover-ups at that, Chris loves tattoo’s and is still having some serious work done on his arms, but Chris has always hated the neck tattoo’s, great results already!


Will came to us after having horrendous laser treatment elsewhere that left him scarred (laser shouldn’t scar),with BAD blistering after each session, even though we knew this would be hard to get a result for Will, we took the job on and Will is delighted on how it’s started to fade again after leaving it for over a year to resume laser treatment.


Sarah hated her tattoo for years but feared it would ‘hurt’ so we set the laser to the lowest setting and Sarah couldn’t believe the results, 3rd treatment pic to follow very soon.


Ste hated his tattoo from the moment he had it, never thought he’d have it covered with another tattoo and thought he was doomed to hate his arm forever… not anymore!!!


Tony is the Clean Slate proprietor, having been involved in the laser/tattoo business for over 34 years and been the victim of some horrendous laser treatment while he lived in London, Tony is now demonstrating on himself the effects, areas 1-3 are all part of the original tattoo, area 1 & 2 have had the SAME laser treatments ( 2 treatments) as you can see, area 1 is responding quicker than area 2, this would indicate that area 2 has more collagen over the ink, and this was probably because the tattoo artist went deeper into the skin in that area, this demonstrates how it is impossible to accurately predict how many treatments you will need to completely remove the tattoo. Area 3 is the original untreated tattoo for you to do a compare and contrast with area’s 1&2.

Need to ask us anything about laser tattoo removal, anything about the images or anything about your tattoos, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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