Ever wonder how tattoos were removed before we had lasers?
Well back in the 19th century, one method; “The French Method” describes a combination of dermal abrasion and chemical treatment. I know, it sounds like “fun”, OK OK, by fun I mean painful and dangerous! First up is a little skin abrasion, the article doesn’t mention using what… After that there’s the tannic acid, that gets applied and ‘reinjected’ to the site of the tattoo. After which silver nitrate is applied. Then the chemistry; the reaction between those two chemicals creates silver tannate, turning the are black apparently. Skip forward a few weeks and there should be a nice bit of ‘crust’ ready to fall away, leaving a scarred area “barely noticeable” after “some time”. I know, sounds fantastic doesn….. NO? No, we agree, it doesn’t. Seriously don’t try this at home! Do we really need to say that?

We’d like to recommend lasers over this method any day of the week, if you want to learn more about lasers, why not visit our FAQ or drop us a DM on FB/Twitter/Insta. Much safer, more hygienic and less painful we think.

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