After using our removal service you may be considering a new all improved epic piece of art to adorn that new blank space.

Here are 5 things to consider when making that choice:

  1. Know your tattooist, have you seen their work? Do they have a good rep? Are they willing to do a detailed consultation?
  2. Be absolutely sure it’s the art you want, take your time!
  3. Try not to go with trends, you don’t want to be removing all over again in 5 yrs time.
  4. Best to avoid names of significant others, they may be the one and only right now, but time may change things!
  5. Good aftercare is vitally important, an awesome tattooist knows this and will give advice.
  6. Just as an afterthought, if you are considering a portrait, refer to point 1 AND point 4!

Ok so that was 6, but who’s counting?
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